Seven Buds Cough Tincture
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The BodyScan 2010 is an effective biofeedback device that measures the energy of the body according to the acupressure points. Through these measurements Distinct Touch, The Bodywork Center, Inc. is able to assess more than 16,000 diseases toxins, molds viruses including HIV and hepatitis, substances, past and current physical conditions, nutritional deficiencies, chemical exposures, parasites, pollens, etc.

As soon as your order is completed a downloadable link will be sent via email.  It will contain instructions, required legal forms, and a list of items needed to complete your BodyScan.  Please review all materials carefully and contact us at 909-3316 (area code is 303) if you have any questions. Complete and sign all the forms and attach the required hair samples, photos and cheek swabs. Upon receipt of these mailed materials Distinct Touch will call you to schedule a 30-minute appointment to review your BodyScan results. BodyScan results will be available within 2-3 days of received materials.

  • Item #: THR-BDSC
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BodyScan 2010

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